Guiding principals and opinions

Web Development

HTML should only be used to define a document outline and content. Structuring a site using proper semantic HTML is important not only for accessibility but for readability and navigability as well.

CSS is used to to visually enhance the document definition (HTML). HTML tags should not be used within the semantic markup document structure solely for aesthetics (it should be void of `div` tags).

Using classes to attach CSS styles to HTML elements is OK as long as those class names are reflective of the structure and content and _not_ the visual look.

You should be able to replace your site's CSS with new CSS and it can completely change the layout, flow, and look of your site without needing to adjust the underlying HTML markup _at all_.

Javascript should only be used sparingly and shouldn't be required.

Decentralization and Web3

Decentralized Web (Web3) is the future.


Email is broken. It has become increasingly difficult (if not impossible) to host your own email server. Emails are immediately flagged as spam because they don't originate from one of the big email provider's (Gmail, etc.) servers.

Email Domain ownership is important, especially with today's reliance on 2FA using your email address as secondary authentication. If at any point Gmail, Hotmail, Hey, etc. decides to drop their service or block you as a user, you lose access to all of those accounts that you've secured with 2FA using that email address.


Engineers should not also be Managers in a client-services organization.

Daily Routine & Health

Make your bed every morning

Cut out sugar

Use a sauna

Get good sleep

Make time for those you love every day. Schedule it on your calendar if needed.